OmniPro Delivers a Turnkey Solution for Enterprises OmniPro provides custom hardware, including laptops, tablets, and Chromebooks, making digital more accessible for enterprises. OmniPro offers discounts on your initial purchase for hardware and software. And our services are offered at a low rate for institutions wanting to work with our solutions. With special financing and leasing programs, we can work with you so you can get the hardware you need and pay for it over time. When it comes to offering an easy, affordable way to get connected laptops and tablets, OmniPro delivers with: Nationwide distribution centers that reduce lead time and streamline logistics Managed services that allow devices the ability to arrive kitted and configured so they work right out of the box Plug-and-play connectivity with no lengthy, complex steps to activate your device, simply turn it on


  Ranjan de Costa
  (415) 748-3011

  50 Mendell Street Suite 2
San Francisco, California 94124 United States

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50 Mendell Street Suite 2
San Francisco, California 94124 United States
Phone: (415) 748-3011




Specialize in enabling T-Mobile Sales Representatives obtain SIM attainment by bundling LTE embedded solutions. We work with top-tier OEM manufacturers to obtain competitive pricing and extended warranties.

Work with a number of suppliers to obtain A Grade CPO - Apple, Sonim and Samsung devices. We work together with T-Mobile Sales Representatives and End users to complete their kitting and cataloging requirements in-house.

OmniPro provides custom staging & integration with all hardware to achieve deployment ready solutions configured to the specification of each school, college, or university we cater to. OmniPro offer credit for old equipment which can be deducted from new hardware costs. OmniPro have participated in EmpowerED and EmpowerED 2.0 rollouts throughout the nation.