We accomplish this by using open protocols and state-of-the-art technology from leading global manufacturing partners. This ensures that your clients’ real estate investments are secured and future-proof as well with the interoperability to continue to integrate smart components. As Master Solution engineers we integrate and commission not only the HVAC but also the lighting and electrical distribution systems. This provides a holistic viewpoint with control ability down to the zone (i.e., room) level with construction and operational savings attached. By doing so, it provides them transparency and action-ability into not only the building but on a portfolio of facilities under a single, enterprise level (i.e, under one glass). This means that our client’s system will never be obsolete.

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Scalable, Cost-Effective and interoperability for Cognitive Buildings EisBaer / LorBaer connectivity delivers reliable plug-and-play connectivity for Cognitive buildings which can be easily retrofitted in various building and facility styles

ALWAYS CONNECTED Oil & Gas and Energy complete 5G and satellite solutions for IoT, M2M / SCADA applications, real-time connectivity, and activity monitoring.

The software is a modern and affordable software for the visualization and automation of intelligent buildings and facilities. Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) is the central monitoring and controlling of technical processes using a computer system. Its activities range from individual rooms or machines, flats, and homes to the largest and most modern buildings and building complexes. The comfortable graphical editor improves the generation of surfaces with a flexible menu structure, practical layout tools, and user-defined function templates. Interfaces to a variety of control- and IT systems, make the software to a universal building management platform.

Offering a Long-Range, Scalable and Cost-Effective solution for IoT in Agriculture. Providing low-cost and reliable connectivity for large-scale IoT sensor networks, LorBaer helps farmers critical monitor crop, climate, and livestock data while Dynamic AI decisions are made to maximize yields, reduce waste and enhance sustainability.

ATC and EisBaer have made it possible to build a scalable SCADA platform to manage livestock and production in an innovative and more efficient way. Connected Livestock – Real-Time Location – Precision Livestock – Intelligent Livestock Are all now possible!

THE DILEMMA OIL & GAS FACES Ever-changing Operating Conditions & Insufficient Communications Infrastructure Cognitive solutions are at the core of all that we do at Automated Technology Company. Our main goal is to find cognitive ways of using technology that will help build a better tomorrow for everyone, everywhere. Below you will learn more about the technology behind our Company, or you can get in touch to let us help with your next project.








The customer had no insight into the operation and status of the houses ATC was able to seamlessly provide all needed information to operate, monitor, and protect plants from the harsh environment of summer months and bitterly cold winter months.




Solution ATC’s EisBaer SCADA platform for integration to adjacent systems and a built-in graphical zoning tool for future flexibility ABB KNX protocol products sensors, lighting and switches (total of over 1,000 devices) Belimo KNX VAV actuators; Cylon BACnet devices for solution test room Benefits Energy savings are accomplished without sacrificing safety or comfort Showcase for ABB Building Automation via Demo Room Smooth integration of ABB KNX room automation products and JCI/York equipment on Cylon BACnet to provide converged IP platform Future renovations are easily modified with simple tooling ABB Ability™ ready – future integration possible to EV-charging, Emax2 and solar (under discussion)