Prior to FastSensor, business owners were forced to use fractured, incomplete measurements to gauge the effectiveness of their in-store efforts. Making matters worse, the consistent response from retailers who were watching their businesses dry up while e-commerce surged exponentially was often to make excuses or push need innovation further down their roadmap. Are my front window displays engaging? Which department generates higher dwell? How many visitors browse but don’t engage? In the absence of data-driven solutions, stores don’t have access to the critical information needed to measure and visualize their customer behavior, create a benchmark, compare and improve. Before FastSensor, no solution in the marketplace was capable of providing customer behavior data for indoor venues accurately and cost-effectively. FastSensor for Industrial (Warehouses) is a suite of analytic solutions to help companies generate deeper insights across the entire value chain of their operations, quality, compliance, and safety. The desire for deeper insights and analytics in the industrial and manufacturing sectors has been growing exponentially in recent years - driven by Industry 4.0 and now Industry 5.0, companies are scrambling to better understand and align their companies to these initiatives. Although many companies have honed in on analytics regarding their machine efficiencies, the market remains immature regarding analytic insights – trends, predictions, and other deliverables – that help them understand and drive efficiencies surrounding operations, quality, compliance, and safety. A lack of understanding in these areas is costing them untold monetary losses.

FastSensor (HYP-09092021)

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1000 N WEST ST STE 1200B
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