AMI Strategies serves clients of all sizes and verticals, offering Managed Mobility Services and Technology Expense Management – all powered by cutting-edge technology and automation. Our suite of solutions covers all aspects of the mobility device and invoice lifecycle management and eases the burden and stress off our client’s shoulders.

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In today’s environment – with more employees and students working remotely than ever before – enterprises are increasingly encountering challenges that test their mobility infrastructure and require more of their carrier relationships. T-Mobile reps who have a comprehensive solution to these challenges – a trusted mobility partner in their back pocket like AMI can solve these business's security, control and cost problems!

temNOW is a software as a service (SaaS), enterprise-wide, web-based product that provides AMI Strategies' clients the ability to manage invoices from receipt to payment, manage disputes from audit to resolution, and manage inventory from order to procurement. temNOW can be offered as a stand-alone tool or as part of a "turnkey" package. As a stand-alone tool, temNOW provides all of the interfaces required to allow a client to manage their own telecom environment. As a "turnkey" solution, temNOW is backed up by "NOW" teams that provide varying support in all areas of telecom invoice management for the client. temNOW brings together technology, process, and people to help clients gain control of their TEM environment, control IT costs, and implement industry best practices.

Mobility managers are in charge of everything from ordering new devices to managing carrier plans to defining security and mobility compliance policies for the enterprise. As companies grow and the mobile device environment fluctuates, it’s easy for mobility departments to get overwhelmed by the sheer number of variables they have to manage. To help you with this, AMI Strategies has developed mobilityNOW™, a proprietary software that helps enterprises, big or small, manage their environments both domestically and internationally. The mobilityNOW leverages the latest technology to dramatically streamline mobility management – delivering increased capacity, significant ROI and improved employee experiences.