Anytrek GPS is a game-changer in fleet management for trailers, chassis, flatbeds and trucks. Our patented TrackLight series are completely covert GPS trackers hidden inside LED lights, they work as normal 4" round or 6" oval LED lights but can provide the full feature GPS tracking functions. The installation is as easy as replacing an LED light. Within minutes, the entire fleet is visible on our user-friendly portal, with features such as: asset utilization reports, location sharing, geofence, etc. After becoming a Sell-With partner in 2021, Anytrek began working closely with T-Mobile for Business, and already closed over 1,000 devices. Visit and book a demo at 1.844.872.6987 or

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Trailers can be dropped off at the wrong location, lost or stolen. It's very difficult to disguise and power a tracking device on a trailer, especially flatbed or chassis trailers. TrackLight is a fully functioning trailer light with a GPS tracker hidden inside, it has all different shapes: 4" round or 6" oval or 4” square; and types: tail light, side marker light or combo light. TrackLight uses a standard wiring harness plug to allow for a true plug and drive experience without cutting into the trailer's wiring and minimizes time off the road. Simple to install and powered by the same wiring that powers the light, TrackLight is the perfect covert tracker for all trailer types. TrackLight has helped save companies millions of dollars by recovering lost or stolen trailers. Within minutes of plugging in a TrackLight, companies can log in to the user-friendly portal and immediately gain full visibility of their fleet. With features like: asset utilization reports, location sharing, geofencing, etc, you can see how TrackLight is an all-in-one solution for fleet management and visibility. With a built-in lithium-ion battery, TrackLight can provide up to 90 days of reporting with automatic notifications of changed conditions. The lights meet all FMVSS photometric requirements for visibility and safety and are DOT and FCC approved. Lenses and housing are made of tough ABS material and are ultrasonically welded. If you can install a trailer light, you can install a TrackLight.