#1 in Partners' Hearts

#1 in Partners' Hearts:

Our competitive compensation and variety of selling models are flexible to meet your business goals

Partner Obsessed

Partner Obsessed:

Leverage the strength of our brand and our resources to help you win in the marketplace



Unconventional ways
to make business easier.

Growing your business is our priority.

Working in your best interest to build your trust and earn your loyalty.


We’re straightforward, and  transparent – no hidden agendas or surprises with our Partner Program


You get a partner who helps you accelerate innovation through unconventional thinking that’s better for business


We may break the rules, but we never break our promises


Growing our ecosystems to include joint partnerships with technology leaders



Leverage the strength of our brand and our resources to help you win in the marketplace 


We pursue the top market trends enabling you to sell more mobility solutions to your customers


Future proof your business with  the power of T-Mobile’s 5G leadership position


We invest in your success and collaborate with you to create a personalized joint business plan


At T-Mobile, we offer complete solutions for all your business needs. (wireless, wireline, IoT)



Offer Magenta Glove experience to our Partners and our customers


Our competitive compensation and variety of selling models are flexible to meet your business goals.


We value your feedback and continually act to improve your experience


We value our partners and reward your commitment and loyalty to T-Mobile


We offer tools & training to drive your journey to success


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Questions about the Partner Program?

What Sales Models does T-Mobile support?

The T-Mobile for Business Partner Program supports a wide ecosystem of providers including Primary Distributors, OEMs, Solution Providers/VARs, and Authorized Sub-Agent models.

What Primary Distributors are currently participating in the program?

Our current Authorized Distributors are: Ingram Micro, Inc., Mobilfy, Inc., Business Mobility Partners, (BMP) Inc., Converge IoT, Inc., CS Business, CellHub Inc., TD SYNNEX Corporation, TBI, Inc., Hyperion Partners, LLC., and Telarus, LLC.,.

Is there an agreement required to join the program?

Yes, once the program is found to be a fit we have agreements with all Primary Distributors. Authorized Sub-Agents are linked to the Primary Distributor community.

What resources are available to partners?

Dedicated real-time partner support, co-op marketing funds, a secure portal, onboarding and training materials, marketing assets, sales tools, and deal registration and tracking are just a few of the resources we provide to Partners.

Are Partners able to use T-Mobile's logo or branding?

Yes, the portal has a marketing section that includes branding and co-branding guidelines as well as approved marketing assets.  In addition, the T-Mobile for Business Tiering Program includes logo branding and guidelines.

What are the eligibility requirements to join?

To qualify as a T-Mobile for Business Partner, your business must meet the minimum requirements of:
  1. Established business office with US address
  2. Wireless Industry Experience
  3. A sales team willing to learn and offer T-Mobile’s services to your current and future customer base
  4. A valid and active website
  5. Federal Tax ID

If you meet these requirements and want to become a T-Mobile for Business Partner click here to start the application process.

How are Partners paid?

T-Mobile compensates for sales activities, but the process depends on Partner type as some work directly with T-Mobile and others with a Primary Authorized Distributor.

What ongoing support is available to Partners?

There are several levels of support available to Partners, including regional support teams and Sales Engineers located across the country.

How do Sub-Agents get benefits in the Power UP program?

Sub-agents earn benefits as they sell any Gross Activation that is Partner Generated or Sell with T-Mobile for Business.

How do Sub-Agents earn Select, Premier and Elite Tier levels as part of the Power UP benefit program?

To obtain logo usage, Sub-Agents must earn a specific number of GAs to unlock the logo on the Partner Portal. Please reach out to your CAM, NAM or Primary Agent for details.